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2008 American Heritage Festival

"A patriotic and educational living history celebration featuring diverse facets of our American Heritage including both civilian and military aspects as well as historic allies and enemies ranging from the Colonial era through the late 20th century."

Proudly Presented in Queen Creek, Arizona each November by

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Manifest Destiny

2008 was a year of growth in quantity and quality with the most extensive 18th century encampment we have yet had, the largest Revolutionary War and Civil War Battles and a very diverse 20th century presentation.

President Theodore Roosevelt, the 1st Minnesota Infantry of 1861, Dr. Malarkey & the 137th PVI Field Hospital, Molly Pitcher and Virginia's Fauquier County Militia of 1776 were each new and appreciated facets that brought added excitement and interest.

2008 was also a wonderful year of camaraderie among participants and outstanding service to the public.


We were - and are - proud of you all.

Our mission to educate, inspire, honour and respect continues forward ...

The Civil War or War Between The States

Soldiers & Civilians of The Union and Confederacy & Our 19th Century Prairie School











The Modern World

America, Her Allies & Enemies of the 20th Century: From Teddy Roosevelt to Vietnam

The American Heritage Festival has been privileged over the years to encourage, facilitate and provide a number of "firsts" in reenacting in our region. This year we were pleased to see the introduction of President Theodore Roosevelt and America of exactly 100 years ago. We look forward to doing all we are able to see the growth of exciting new historical facets.

It is also important to understand that it is for educational purposes that for a climactic conflict such as WWII that we include not only portrayals of  America's historic allies such as the Nationalist Chinese, British and Free French but also (when possible) America's historic enemies of the period, the Germans, Italians and Japanese. There is value in gaining a comprehension of what a serious challenge America was up against.















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Regards from General Washington


The 6th Annual American Heritage Festival: Thanks, Regards & Approbations

Friends & Fellow Living Historians,

Our 6th annual American Heritage Festival is now itself part of our history.
Over the past several days of cleaning, unpacking, (a little resting) and going over some of the great memories and experiences several of you have been kind enough to write indicating that this was the best AHF yet.
I have to agree.
The spirit of harmony, service, giving, camaraderie and unity has been so obviously growing as people of good-will assemble from many places and many backgrounds to contribute their many portrayals toward our mission of education, honour, respect and inspiration. Quite simply, the many people who are able to grasp this vision of joining hands safely and responsibly in service through education look forward all year to making it happen while those few who can't or won't do us all a favor by just staying away. The result? A peaceful, unified event that is an inspiration to students, teachers, families, veterans - and to all of us as living historians as well. "Iron sharpens iron" as we learn from one another. The AHF is an event that inspires us all to be and do our best in service to others. Feels good doesn't it? :o)
Here are a number of landmarks achieved this year.
1) Our 2008 AHF had the largest number of reenactors participating in its history - and for that matter the largest number of reenactors ever to take part in any event in our state.
2) This year we had the largest and most extensive 18th century and 19th century camps we have ever had.
3) Our Rev. War skirmishes were the largest and most interesting we have yet seen.
4) Our Civil War battles were also our largest yet, having more participants than any previous AHF.
Every year it seems there is some new group or facet that really grabs our attention by adding a new flavour to the interesting mix of the AHF. Last year our Chinese Nationalists made their first appearance and were a big hit, doing a great job. This year's most high impact newcomers included persons, groups and an object. 2008 saw the AHF debut of President Theodore Roosevelt, the 1st Minnesota Infantry of the Civil War, Molly Pitcher, the Fauquier County Militia of 1776, Dr. Malarkey & Associates - and that big 24 lber gun that made such a boom. Huzzah to all!
Our veteran AHF participants were also at their best. There were big civilian and military turnouts from the 18th century representing a wide array of people and experiences. Many came from as far as Colorado, Texas and beyond. The 19th century was well represented by the now huge 1st VA / 1st MN, several excellent artillery outfits, surgeons, apothecaries, infantry platoons and individual volunteers from many places and of course the always busy Prairie School. The 20th century showed representation from many facets of most major combatants of WWII and put on some creative skirmishes and excellent educational demos while our Vietnam guys served the important task of continuing to gain recognition and understanding for the veterans of that era. The ladies of all time periods, as always, add and do so much and the fashion shows were a wonderful opportunity for them to take center stage, teach and exhibit. The AHF is always a family oriented event and the throngs of happy children who reenact well and contribute in so many ways bring smiles to all faces.
We had some great battles, some great time teaching and interacting in the camps, a very nice Church service and some incredible not-to-be-forgotten after-hours times together at the Thanksgiving Feast, Officers' Social and just singing or talking in the camps. Ahhhh... memories!
Friends, I look forward to hearing from you as you write to share favourite thoughts and memories. In the meantime we will begin working toward our 7th annual American Heritage Festival to be held November 13th-15th, 2009.
Thanks, cheers, an outstanding Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in 2009.
Your humble servant
in a noble & worthy cause,
Genl. Geo. Washington


One day after chapel services at Washington College, a lady noticed the grave and serious expression on General Lee's face and inquired as to the cause of his concern. His reply... "I was thinking, madam, of my responsibility to God for all of these young men."



















Mixed Eras

When Time Periods Meet, Mix & Mingle

Officers' Social & Tour of the Camps

Enjoying an Evening of Good Fellowship after a Successful Campaign & a Job Well Done

Historic Church Service

Based on the Great Awakening of the 1740s - All Time Periods & Spectators Welcome

Thanksgiving Celebration for Reenactors

Gratitude & Inspiration are also at the Heart of What We Do







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Portraits, School Day, Parade, Early America








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