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2015 American Heritage Festival

"A patriotic and educational living history celebration featuring diverse facets of our American Heritage including both civilian and military aspects as well as historic allies and enemies ranging from the Colonial era through the late 20th century."

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2015 was once again "mission accomplished" for the AHF as exciting, creative and innovative historic education was presented to thousands of students, families and visitors from around Arizona, The Southwest and the entire USA. Our desire is to inspire!

Our types of portrayals and time periods represented have grown in diversity with our encampment featuring time periods from the 1600s - 1900s and everything from historic military to historic music to historic trades to historic domestic life to numerous first-person portrayals of historic personas.


Our mission to educate, inspire, honour and respect continues forward.


A Partial Cast of Characters

Faces for the Ages: A Few of Our Living Historians in Action

Below may be found photographic postings from the 2015 American Heritage Festival, our 13th annual!

The 2015 AHF was exciting and diverse. This is only a sampling of our nearly 300 living historians, education, interaction, activities and portrayals.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at our 14th annual American Heritage Festival to be held in Queen Creek, AZ from November 17th-19th, 2016.

We love working with students! And so we begin our pictorial gallery with a portion featuring interaction with students of all ages.





We continue with portraits of our living history team.





Special thanks go to the following photographers for their significant contributions. The number of photos compiled numbered in the thousands with many good ones to choose from, edit, re-size and even to use as inspiration for works of art in creating this Gallery. I believe you will discover not only a selection of the best of the photos but also a wide representation of the diverse people and happenings that made up the 2015 American Heritage Festival. GW

Thanks to

Mrs. H., A. Beardsley, Mr. W. Stark

Fellow Servants in a Noble Cause



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